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Concrete Waste As A Waste Coarse Aggregate

Waste Concrete as Aggregate for New Concrete

Waste Concrete As Aggregate For New Concrete

The strength of the aggregate-matrix mortar bond is reduced to about 55 to 88 percent of the strength of the control when conventional coarse aggregates are replaced with pieces of old concrete. Furthermore, recycled aggregate concrete is equally workable as the control, and has a compressive strength of at least 76 percent and a modulus of ...


A Study On Usage Of Waste In Concrete With

A STUDY ON USAGE OF WASTE IN CONCRETE WITH PARTIAL REPLACEMENT OF COARSE AGGREGATE BY CHOPPED SCRAP TYRE AND FINE AGGREGATE BY CRUSHED CERAMIC TILE P. MANOJ 1, S.V.SATYANARAYANA 2 1M. Tech scholar, Dept. of Civil, R V R amp J C College of engineering, Guntur, A.P 2Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil, R V R amp J C College of engineering,

Utilization Of Waste Ceramic Tiles As Coarse Aggregate

Utilization Of Waste Ceramic Tiles As Coarse Aggregate

aggregates. Using ceramic tile aggregate in concrete not only will be cost effective, but also will be good from environment point of view. This study focuses on producing concrete of acceptable strength with crushed waste ceramic tiles as coarse aggregate and determining the optimum coarse aggregate mix ratio to achieve

Behavior of Concrete Using Marble Waste as Coarse Aggregate

Behavior Of Concrete Using Marble Waste As Coarse Aggregate

Aggregate obtained from marble quarry waste was used as 75 part of coarse aggregate and rest was conventional coarse aggregate. It was observed that, compressive strength was almost same as that ...

Coconut Cocos nucifera L Waste as Partial Coarse

Coconut Cocos Nucifera L Waste As Partial Coarse

Aug 03, 2020 agricultural wastes as an aggregate to concrete hollow blocks could lessen its impact to the environment. The research aimed to identify the potentiality of coconut shells and coir fiber as partial coarse aggregate replacement to concrete hollow blocks in terms of compressive strength, water absorption rate, workability, and economic value.

Literature Review on Different Waste Materials Use in

Literature Review On Different Waste Materials Use In

to use non biodegradable components of Electronic waste as a partial replacement of the coarse or fine aggregates. They have also studies about experimental study is made on the utilization of Electronic waste particles as coarse aggregates in concrete with a percentage replacement ranging from 0 to 30 on the strength criteria of M20 Concrete.

Replacement Of Coarse Aggregate In Concrete Civil

Replacement Of Coarse Aggregate In Concrete Civil

Using the E-waste as a partial replacement of coarse aggregate in concrete is the best solution. We can not fully replace material in concrete because it impacts the workability of concrete. The electronic waste is crushed as required particle size and can be mixed with other aggregates in concrete which will not affect the quality amp durability ...

Improvement Properties of Recycle Concrete using Clay

Improvement Properties Of Recycle Concrete Using Clay

coefficient of concrete containing natural aggregate K.Jankovic 2002, which also explains the better fire resistance of concrete with crushed bricks and tiles as an aggregate F.M.Khalaf and A.S.DeVenny 2004. The performance of Lightweight Foamed Concrete with Waste Clay Brick as Coarse Aggregate

An Experimental study on partial replacement for coarse

An Experimental Study On Partial Replacement For Coarse

aggregate, coarse aggregate, granite waste and water. Physical properties of fine aggregate coarse aggregate Cement Cement is used as binding material in the concrete where the strength and durability re significant important. The ordinary Portland cement of 53 grades conforming to IS 12269-1987 is used to manufacture the concrete. Also

Engineering Properties of Conventional Concrete Containing

Engineering Properties Of Conventional Concrete Containing

Researchers now look for sustainable materials in the construction industry for insights into the lack of natural aggregates. The steel industry significantly contributes to environmental problems by accumulating various waste of slag. It can be recycled and used in concrete production. Ferro silica steel slag is derived from Electric Arc Furnace in coarse fractions EAF slag.

Ceramic ware waste as coarse aggregate for structural

Ceramic Ware Waste As Coarse Aggregate For Structural

The results show that the concretes made using ceramic sanitary ware aggregate possessed the same mechanical properties as those made with conventional aggregate. It is therefore possible to conclude that the reuse of recycled ceramic aggregate to produce recycled concrete is a feasible alternative for the sustainable management of this waste.

Partial Replacement of E Waste with Coarse Aggregate

Partial Replacement Of E Waste With Coarse Aggregate

The E- waste material is calculated on weight basis as coarse aggregate in the conventional mix The fineness modulus of coarse aggregate with various E- waste contents is observed as 6.9. The divided particle size is assumed to be between 10mm and 20mm. Then E- waste particles can be considered as partial coarse aggregates.

Experimental Study On Plastic Waste As A Course Aggregate

Experimental Study On Plastic Waste As A Course Aggregate

The waste plastic of HDPE High the coarse aggregates thereby providing a sustainable option density poly Ethylene is collected from Agriculture waste, to deal with the plastic waste. E-waste with OPC and sand in varying proportions 0, There are many recycling plants across the world, 15,and30 percent.

Performance of Waste Coconut Shell as Partial

Performance Of Waste Coconut Shell As Partial

effective and Eco friendly, but also resolve the issues related to shortage of conventional material and problem of disposal of waste material. Index Terms Coarse Aggregate, Concrete, Coconut Shell, Compressive Strength, Light Weight Concrete, Sustainable Development

Experimental Investigation Of Using Ceramic Waste As A

Experimental Investigation Of Using Ceramic Waste As A

Experimental, Investigation, Using Ceramic Waste, Coarse Aggregate, Light Weight Concrete 1 INTRODUCTION Lightweight aggregates can fill many roles that will make human activity more environmentally responsible. The green house gas emission associated with both the processing of the raw material and from the fuel burned to produce the

Bricks and Concrete Wastes as Coarse and Fine Aggregates

Bricks And Concrete Wastes As Coarse And Fine Aggregates

In order to manufacture more sustainable mortars, natural calcareous coarse aggregate has been replaced by two types of waste aggregates coarse recycled brick aggregate, RBA, and coarse recycled concrete aggregate, RCA by 100 of volume. Moreover, the partial replacement 12.5 by volume of coarse with fine aggregates of the same type has ...

Highquality coarse aggregate recycling from waste

Highquality Coarse Aggregate Recycling From Waste

Jan 29, 2020 This study presents a liberation process for recycling high-quality coarse aggregates from waste concrete by impacting with steel grits. Considering the mortar liberation ratio and specific energy for the liberation process as well as the water absorption and apparent density of the recycled coarse aggregates RCA, the effects of impact velocity, impact time, and concrete strength on the ...

Recycled construction and demolition concrete waste

Recycled Construction And Demolition Concrete Waste

quantities causing an adverse effect on the environment. The use of such waste as recycled aggregate in concrete can be useful for both environmental and economical aspects in the construction indus-try. This study discusses the possibility to replace natural coarse aggregate NA with recycled con-crete aggregate RCA in structural concrete.

A Study of Concrete Made with Fine and Coarse Aggregates

A Study Of Concrete Made With Fine And Coarse Aggregates

This paper deals with the possibility of using fresh concrete waste as recycled aggregates in concrete. An experimental program based on two variables proportion of fine aggregates replacement and proportion of coarse aggregates replacement was implemented. The proportions of replacement were 0, 50, and 100 by mass of aggregates.

Effect of Recycling Waste Glass as Fine and Coarse

Effect Of Recycling Waste Glass As Fine And Coarse

specifications for coarse aggregate in the case of use a coarse aggregate s. 5 - Mix Concrete mixtures containing 1.5 3 0.5 cement, sand, pebbles were applied to the cement respectively. The use of partial replacement of fine sand and gravel with glass waste and ratios 5, 10 , 15, 20


Study On Replacement Of Coarse Aggregate By

it. E-waste is used as one such alternative for coarse aggregate. Owing to scarcity of coarse aggregate for the preparation of concrete, partial replacement of E-waste with coarse aggregate was attempted. The work was conducted on M20 grade mix. The replacement of coarse aggregate with E-waste in the range of 0, 5, 10, 15, and 20.

Waste Polyethylene Terephthalate as an Aggregate in

Waste Polyethylene Terephthalate As An Aggregate In

resulting concrete. This behaviour is dependent on PET-aggregates shape and is maximised for concrete containing coarse, flaky PET-aggregate. The splitting tensile and flexural strength characteristics are proportional to the loss in compressive strength of concrete containing plastic aggregates. Keywords waste PET bottle, aggregate ...

Study of Partial Replacement of Natural Aggregate by

Study Of Partial Replacement Of Natural Aggregate By

aggregate and aims to evaluate physical properties of concrete using recycled coarse aggregate. Research concrete waste has been collected from demolished structure Near Kamla Nehru Park, Bhandarkar Rd, Pune and coarse aggregate of different percentage is used for preparing fresh concrete. Many researchers stated that recycled aggregate are ...

Effect of Waste Plastic as Partial Replacement of

Effect Of Waste Plastic As Partial Replacement Of

coarse aggregates in a concrete T. Subramani 5 observed that, plastic waste can be disposed by using them as construction materials. Since the plastic waste is not suitable to replace fine aggregate it is used to replace the coarse aggregate. The compressive strength and split tensile strength of concrete containing plastic aggregate is ...

ScatteringFilling Coarse Aggregate process recycles waste

Scatteringfilling Coarse Aggregate Process Recycles Waste

Altogether, SFCA process provides an economic method to produce high-quality recycled aggregate concrete and an efficiently approach to the utilization of recycled concrete aggregate from Construction and Demolition waste. Gelong Xu is a PhD student at Wuhan University of Technology, engaged in the research of aggregate interlocking concrete.

recycling of demolished concrete as aggregate abstract

Recycling Of Demolished Concrete As Aggregate Abstract

The recycling demolished waste materials in order to reduce construction cost and resolving many major problems faced by the low income people of the world.it is necessary to use demolished concrete as new liner recycled aggregates for new concrete to

Experimental study on waste plastic replaced as a coarse

Experimental Study On Waste Plastic Replaced As A Coarse

Apr 22, 2018 4. 1. Aim The project aims at use of recycled plastic in concrete as a partial replacement of Coarse aggregate to obtain eco-friendly light weight concrete. The agriculture waste plastic of HDPE High density poly Ethylene is collected from Phaltan localities and mixed with OPC and sand in varying proportions 0,15 amp 30.


Pdf Concrete Using Recycled Ewaste A Review

Aug 24, 2021 They used E -waste materials. as coarse aggregates overriding in concrete with a rate from 0, 5, 10, 15, and 20 for M -30 assessment. concrete without using E-waste

An Overview of Construction and Demolition Waste as Coarse

An Overview Of Construction And Demolition Waste As Coarse

Keywords Aggregate, construction and demolition waste, landfill, large scale demolition. Procedia APA BibTeX Chicago EndNote Harvard JSON MLA RIS XML ISO 690 PDF Downloads 190. References 1 Daniel Matias, Jorge de Brito, Alexandra Rosa and Diogo Pedro 2014, Durability of Concrete with Recycled Coarse Aggregates Influence of Superplasticizers, journals of materials in civil engineering ...

Glass Wastes as Coarse Aggregate in Concrete

Glass Wastes As Coarse Aggregate In Concrete

coarse aggregate ii. To study the compressive strength of concrete mode using glass waste as partial replacement of coarse aggregate. 2. MATERIAL amp METHODOLOGY In order to study the effect of waste glass as partial replacement of coarse aggregate on the strength of concrete, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate 60 cubes

Utilization of Demolished Waste as Coarse Aggregate

Utilization Of Demolished Waste As Coarse Aggregate

This crushed concrete will be used as a coarse aggregate to produce new concrete, which will be compared with natural aggregate concrete. The target is to produce 30 MPa concrete compressive strength at 28 days. Natural sand is used as fine aggregate in the mixes of both natural concrete and recycled aggregate concrete.

Recycled Concretes Made with Waste ReadyMix Concrete

Recycled Concretes Made With Waste Readymix Concrete

Jul 09, 2009 In this paper, some characteristics of recycled coarse aggregates obtained by crushing waste ready-mix concrete, as well as the mechanical and durability properties of recycled concretes made by using 25, 50, and 75 of these aggregates, are presented.

Demolished waste as coarse aggregate

Demolished Waste As Coarse Aggregate

Mar 09, 2017 demolished waste as coarse aggregate 1. prepared by -kishan thakkar ashish nagpal 2. demolished waste as coarse aggregate in concrete production 3. introduction as urbanization is increasing over time, the demand for new buildings and infrastructure has sharply risen.

PDF Ceramic waste as coarse aggregate in the production

Pdf Ceramic Waste As Coarse Aggregate In The Production

This experimental investigation presents the feasibility of making concrete using ceramic waste as a coarse aggregate at 25, 50, 75, 100 per cent replacement of crushed stone in conventional concrete. The mechanical and durability properties of this

Experimental Investigation Of Using Concrete Waste And

Experimental Investigation Of Using Concrete Waste And

Four batches of concrete incorporating over burnt brick ballast aggregate and concrete waste aggregate were prepared. The replacement was 25, 50 represented as M15,M25 and respectively. Here M denotes the concrete mix and subscript designates the percentage replacement by natural coarse aggregate to over burnt brick ballast aggregate.