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Dibutil Carbitol Dbc

dibutyl carbitolDBC dibutyl carbitolDBC

Dibutyl Carbitoldbc Dibutyl Carbitoldbc

dibutyl carbitolDBC,dibutyl carbitolDBC dibutyl carbitolDBC

Diethylene Glycol Dibutyl Ether 500ml 0155901

Diethylene Glycol Dibutyl Ether 500ml 0155901

DBC, Butyl Diglyme, Dibutyl Carbitol, 2-Butoxyethyl Ether, Dibutyldiglycol . Detailed Product Description A colorless, nearly odorless, syrupy liquid with a sweetish taste. Slightly soluble in water. A high boiling point solvent with . applications in extraction processes and in coatings and inks.

AuIII extraction using ketone compounds with physical

Auiii Extraction Using Ketone Compounds With Physical

Jan 26, 2021 Dibutyl carbitol DBC and methyl isobutyl ketone MIBK are commercially available for the extraction of AuIII from acidic chloride media through ion solvation. These extractants show high AuIII extractability, but their physical properties have drawbacks in extraction processes.

Diethylene glycol dibutyl ether C12H26O3 PubChem

Diethylene Glycol Dibutyl Ether C12h26o3 Pubchem

DIETHYLENE GLYCOL DIBUTYL ETHER may react violently with strong oxidizing agents. Incompatible with nitric acid. May form salts with strong acids and addition complexes with Lewis acids. In other reactions, which typically involve the breaking of the carbon -

Process for the Recovery of Gold from Anode Slimes

Process For The Recovery Of Gold From Anode Slimes

In the first stage, the filtrate, an aqueous solution, is contacted with dibutyl carbitol DBC, an organic extractant, in a countercurrent manner. DBC, also known as diethylene glycol dibutyl ether, is a stable, low volatility, low toxicity solvent with an excellent selectivity for the gold species, e.g., 2HAuCl 4 , carried within the aqueous ...

Solvent Extraction of GoldIII with Diethyl Carbonate

Solvent Extraction Of Goldiii With Diethyl Carbonate

Jun 01, 2020 with oxygen and sulfur donor atoms such as dibutyl carbitol DBC,20,21 methyl isobutyl ketone MIBK or dodecylth-iourea22 quaternary ammonium basic extractants such as Aliquat 33623 and organophosphorus-based extractants such as tri-n-butyl phosphate TBP24 and Cyanex 923.25 A number of studies have been specically devoted to the


Ekstraksi Emas Dari Lumpur Anoda Melalui

DBC dibutyl carbitol. Aplikasi susunan reaktor yang mampu mengefisienkan proses Hoffman ini telah dipatenkan oleh Wang dan Kim 2014. Mengacu dari patentersebut, prosesnya bisa efisien melaluiberlangsung pemilihan parameter yang sesuai dengan kondisi percontoh lumpur anoda.Karena lumpur anoda mengandung banyak unsur-

US Patent for Method of recovering gold powder Patent

Us Patent For Method Of Recovering Gold Powder Patent

May 23, 1997 The method is comprised of the steps of solvent extracting the leach solution with dibutyl carbitol DBC, scrubbing the resulting gold bearing organic phase with hydrochloric acid and reducing gold from the organic phase with an added solution of a reducing agent, said method being characterized in that after three-stage scrubbing, centrifugal ...

Patents Assigned to Kennecott Utah Copper LLC Justia

Patents Assigned To Kennecott Utah Copper Llc Justia

Oct 04, 2017 Abstract An apparatus for the recovery of gold from a gold-bearing aqueous filtrate, the process comprising the steps of A Contacting the aqueous filtrate with dibutyl carbitol DBC in a two-stage solvent extraction process to remove the gold from the aqueous filtrate into the DBC to form a gold-loaded DBC and D Contacting the gold-loaded DBC with an aqueous acid scrub of hydrochloric ...

Diethylene Glycol Dibutyl Ether 112732

Diethylene Glycol Dibutyl Ether 112732

Descending. Relevance. Excess Molar Volumes and Viscosities of Mixtures of Diethylene Glycol Dibutyl Ether with Dialkyl Carbonates at 298.15, 308.15, and 318.15 K. Publication Name International Journal of Thermophysics. Publication Date 2001. 1 of 58. Use of absorbent materials employed in biological waste air purification.

Deportment of Copper Silver Bismuth and Selenium During

Deportment Of Copper Silver Bismuth And Selenium During

May 05, 2011 Solvent extraction technology is a technology that is used comercially for gold recovery and purification from copper electrorefining anode slimes. The recovery of gold and the deportment of selected impurities were investigated during the solvent extraction of commercial aqueous leachate with dibutyl carbitol DBC.

Processing of high purity gold from scraps using

Processing Of High Purity Gold From Scraps Using

An improved process was developed to produce gold with purity 99.9998 5 N from gold scraps using dibutyl carbitol DBC as an extractant. The extraction of gold into DBC was optimised, which showed that gold could be effectively loaded into DBC up to 190 gL Au. Only small amounts of other minor elements and impurities, such as Pt, Pd, Ag, Cu and Zn, were extracted into the DBC phase.

Formulation and processing of screenprinting vehicles

Formulation And Processing Of Screenprinting Vehicles

Dibutyl carbitol DBC X X X X X Diglyme X X X X X Triglyme X X X X X Tetraglyme X X X X X Tracetin TA X OK X OK X Propylene glycol PG OK OK OK OK OK Glycerol glycerine G OK OK OK OK OK Propylene carbonate PC X N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone NMP X Water H2O OK OK OK OK OK Tab. 1.

dibutyl carbitol gold extraction

Dibutyl Carbitol Gold Extraction

dibutil carbitol dbc vedanthospital. the effect of kinetics parameters on gold extraction by lewis cell SID. which DiButyl Carbitol DBC had a unique superiority. Kinetics of DBC and gold . Read More. 112732 Diethylene glycol dibutyl ether, 99 Dibutyl .

RESEARCH UNT Digital Library

Research Unt Digital Library

utilizing dibutyl carbitol as the extractant has been devel- oped for separating Z1oo from large amounts of associated bismuth, Both laboratory and pilot plant data demonstrate the process is a suitable headend step in recovery of kilo- gram quantities of 210o. Typically, the extraction process

Solvent Extraction Research and Development Japan

Solvent Extraction Research And Development Japan

Morris and Khan reported the extraction of AsIII using dibutyl carbitol DBC 15. In acidic chloride media 1-7 moldm3, the extraction percentage of AsIII increases with increasing concentration of hydrochloric acid. SnIV, FeIII, SbIII and SbV were also extracted from an acidic solution using DBC.

MINATAUR the Mintek alternative technology to gold

Minataur The Mintek Alternative Technology To Gold

of gold using dibutyl carbitol DBC as the extractant. Although the selective extraction of gold from chloride media using DBC is favourable, stripping requires direct precipi-tation of gold from the loaded organic phase, resulting in high organic losses. The high aqueous solubility of DBC also requires distil-

ISSN 1979 6560 EISSN 2527 8789 Jurnal Teknologi

Issn 1979 6560 Eissn 2527 8789 Jurnal Teknologi

dibutyl carbitol DBC. Hasilnya menunjukkan bahwa pemberaian emas oleh pelindi HCl sangat efektif dan dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai teknologi yang ramah lingkungan karena HCl sangat mudah direduksi menjadi tidak beracun dibandingkan sianida dan merkuri. Selanjutnya, karya tulis tentang bijih besi dimana diketahui

Stephen FOLEY et al Gold Extraction Rex Research

Stephen Foley Et Al Gold Extraction Rex Research

Two conventional extractants employed in this process include Dibutyl carbitol DBC and di-n-hexyl sulfide DHS. These are employed as preferred extractants to yield gold and palladium respectively in the extraction process from sources such as copper anode slime. Prior art has sought to solve some of these problems without significant success.


Title The Removal Of Uranium From Acidic Media

Y-12 plant uses two extractants, tributyl phosphate TBP and dibutyl carbitol DBC, to effect the separation and purification. This has been combined into a single step by NFS, using TBP. The separation and purification of uranium from irradiated fuel arising from the production reactors at Hanford, was accomplished using multiple TBP ...


Separation Of Thorium From Uranium By Selective

articleosti4242597, title SEPARATION OF THORIUM FROM URANIUM BY SELECTIVE STRIPPING FROM DIBUTYL CARBITOL, author Hampton, L, abstractNote An approach to the problem of separating thorium from uranium in Solvent extraction process streams is described. Aqueous phosphate, oxalate, and fluoride scrub systems were compared for their ability to remove thorium from dibutyl carbitol ...


Ekstraksi Emas Dari Lumpur Anoda Melalui Proses

Abstract. Percobaan mengekstraksi emas dilakukan secara selektif dari residu pelindian timbal dalam lumpur anoda melalui proses klorinasi basah, diikuti proses ekstraksi pelarut menggunakan ekstraktan pelarut organik dibutyl carbitol DBC.

PDF Comparative studies on the adsorption of AuIII

Pdf Comparative Studies On The Adsorption Of Auiii

Comparative studies on the adsorption of AuIII from waste rinse water of semiconductor industry using various resins

Extraction Behavior of Arsenic Selenium and Antimony

Extraction Behavior Of Arsenic Selenium And Antimony

In this study, extraction of the toxic elements, arsenic, selenium, and antimony from acidic chloride media using the oxygen-containing compounds cyclopentyl methyl ether CPME, dibutyl carbitol DBC, and methyl isobutyl ketone MIBK was compared.

Extraction of GoldIII with Dibutyl Carbitol BDG Gold

Extraction Of Goldiii With Dibutyl Carbitol Bdg Gold

Aug 19, 2015 Compare Dibutyl Carbitol DBC, aka Butyl Diglyme BDG, with DiEthyl Malonate DEM. DEM, a more recent organic solvent for AuCl 3, has a number of benefits over the other more widely popular BDG. - less soluble in water than BDG.

A modified correlation for drop size distribution at

A Modified Correlation For Drop Size Distribution At

phase was DBC solvent dibutyl carbitol and aqueous phase was a gold chloride solution HAuCl 4. DBC purity 99 was obtained from Shuyang Hengrun Fine Chemical Co. Ltd, China. Other materials were purchased from the Merck Co., Germany. For all experiments, DBC concentration in the organic phase was maintained at 100.

butyl diglyme Gold Refining

Butyl Diglyme Gold Refining

Jul 30, 2009 In 1972 Inco Europe Ltd.4installed asolvent extraction SX process for the refining of gold using dibutyl carbitol DBC as the extractant. Although the selective extraction of gold from chloride media using DBC is favourable, stripping requires direct precipi-tation of gold from the loaded organic phase,resulting in high organic losses.

TeamHeidelbergModellingGold Recovery

Teamheidelbergmodellinggold Recovery

On the other hand, in order to selectively extract gold from the aqua regia solutions many more chemical reactions, extraction using dibutyl carbitol from now on abbreviated as DBC, chromatography and reduction of the gold ions are necessary.

Colorimetric and visual determination of AuIII ions

Colorimetric And Visual Determination Of Auiii Ions

Jan 10, 2018 Design, preparation and characterization. Using conventional oxygen-containing solvents such as dibutyl carbitol DBC, C 4 H 9-O-C 2 H 4-O-C 2 H 4-O-C 4 H 9 to extract gold was first reported by Morris .In less than 1.0 M of hydrochloric acid solution, the process has high selectivity towards the separation of gold from other elements, especially of platinum group metals.

Cas 142961 Dinbutyl ether lookchem

Cas 142961 Dinbutyl Ether Lookchem

Processing of high purity gold from scraps using diethylene glycol Di-n-butyl ether cas 142-96-1 dibutyl carbitol 09282019. An improved process was developed to produce gold with purity 99.9998 5 N from gold scraps using dibutyl carbitol DBC as an extractant.

Carbitol SigmaAldrich

Carbitol Sigmaaldrich

CARBITOL, Diethylene glycol ethyl ether, 2-2-Ethoxyethoxyethanol, Ethyldiglycol, Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether. CAS Number 111-90-0. Molecular Weight 134.17. Beilstein Registry Number 1736441. Linear Formula C 2 H 5 OCH 2 CH 2 OCH 2 CH 2

101016jhydromet200806006 DeepDyve

101016jhydromet200806006 Deepdyve

Jun 11, 2020 Read 10.1016j.hydromet.2008.06.006 on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.



Cerebral palsy-spastic diplegia . cerebral palsy with spastic diplegia . . . . . . 2,447,543NoteExpress.

Processing of high purity gold from scraps using

Processing Of High Purity Gold From Scraps Using

Feb 01, 2009 Polyethers, such as glymes, form strong complexes with gold. Several commercially proven applications use butyl diglyme diethylene diglycol di-n-butyl ether or dibutyl carbitol, DBC to extract goldIII chloride from acidic aqueous solutions, including those used in INCOs operations in Canada Edwards and te Riele, 1983. Gold extraction based on DBC is both cost effective and an


Gold Extraction From Hydrochloric Solution By

Aug 01, 2011 Dibutyl Carbitol DBC had a unique superiority. In this paper, the influence of kinetics parameters such as agitation time, AuCl4- and DBC concentration, temperature, stirring speed and interfacial area , type of impeller on the gold extraction were investigated in Lewis cell L.C. technique. The results indicated that gold recovery